Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Chubetsu-dake Hinan-goya (Hut)

Chubetsu-dake Hinan-goya
Chubetsu-dake Hinan-goya (Hut) is a triangle shape hut that is nestled in a small valley surrounded by low trees and alpine pine . 
The hut is about a two day trek from Asahidake and Sounkyo onsen villages or very long and hard day trek for the hardcore out there.

Chubetsu-dake Hut
The hut has two floors, The lower floor can sleep about 12 people comfortably and upper floor which is more like a loft, about 6 to 8.
The hut like most huts in Daisetsuzan is very simple with only a place to sleep. The first floor has 2 raised wooden areas where people sleep and you must wear your shoes on these areas. there is a walk area between them where you can take off and leave your footwear.
For the 2nd floor there is a ladder to your right as you walk into the hut. The 2nd floor is just a wooden floor and again you mustn't wear your boots or shoes up stairs. What people do is usually take off their footwear before climbing the the ladder and leave them at the bottom. Thiis is where have a pair of sandals make life easier when popping in and out of the hut.

first floor
first floor
first floor

Hut details:

    Official Season: July 1st to September 30th.
    Caretaker: No

    Water: YES
    Fee: NO (free)
    Power: NO
    Toilet: YES (out house)
    Campsite: YES

first floor

All the water there comes from the snow field that is right next to the hut. Usually there is no problems with water in July and August but September can be a MAYBE or even a NO if it was a real hot summer. 
The water there is icy cold and delicious but you must boil, filter or use tablets to treat the water before drinking.

July: The ice field is right up to the hut
September: The ice field is almost gone

Taking a bath:
One of the best kept secrets about this hut is that it has a great pool for taking a dip in and having a bath. The pool isn't very big about a meter and a half long and a meter wide and if you stand up the water will come just above your waist (some years it can get deeper) but it is big enough for a dip. BUT ! be warned the water can be freezing but on a hot day it is just what the doctor ordered .
To find this pool you head down from the hut to the stream and follow the trail the leads to the 2nd campsite. the pool is just there.

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