Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Kuro-dake hut

Kuro-dake Ishimuro (hut) :

Kuro-dake Ishimuro (hut) 
Hut details:
  • Official Season: July 1st to September 30th.
  • Caretaker: YES
  • Water: YES (guaranteed between the months of July and September)
  • Fee: YES , Y2,000 pp (this fee can change yearly)
  • Rental gear: Yes
  • Power: YES (only for lights inside the hut. YOU CAN NOT USE TO RECHARGE BATTERIES)
  • Toilet: YES
  • Campsite: YES
  • Shop: YES (you can buy beer, sports drink, cup of noddles, LPG gas cans)
This hut is about a 25 minute hike from the peak of Mt Kuro-dake and is the busiest and most popular hut in the park. Being only a short distance from Mt Kuro-dake and having rental gear to hire, you get lots of big and small tour groups using the hut and can get very crowed.
The inside is made up of bunk rows and you have small area the size of a sleeping mat for yourself. 

inside Kuro-dake Ishimuro (hut)
Water is outside in two big contains and you must treat it before drinking. Either by boiling, filter or tablet.

water contains at Kuro-dake Ishimuro (hut)
The toilets at Kuro-dake Ishimuro (hut) are ECO toilets and are bit special and unique to this hut. People just resting or taking a break at the hut are asked to pay a donation for using the toilets there. If you are staying overnight in hut or camping the toilet donation is included in your hut or camp fee. Toilet paper is included.

the toilet block at Kuro-dake Ishimuro (hut)
what to do and not do
ECO toilet at Kuro-dake Ishimuro (hut)
Out of season
This hut is officially open from July 1st to September 30th. Which means between these dates the hut is staffed and you have to pay to use it and they supply water plus the toilets are open.
You can still use this hut from Oct 1st to June 30th but it done at your risk and the hut is officially closed which means it is not staffed and there is no water supplied. The toilets are lock up and the main door is locked and you have to use the water door.
You can use this hut in winter if you can find it. The hut is usually covered over in now and the only way you can find the winter door is by looking for the flag sticking out of the snow and digging down to the winter door.

Kuro-dake Ishimuro (hut) in Spring (May).
the winter door in spring (May)

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