Daisetsuzan Huts:
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Biei-fuji Hinan-goya (hut)

In Daisetsuzan National Park there are many huts and they are not all the same.
Each hut has it's own caricature and feel.
Most huts just have a floor to sleep on, some have outhouse toilets which is just a hole in the ground, some have nothing .
Nearly all the huts are free but there a couple that you have to pay a fee.

All the huts are run on a first in, first serve bases and there are some general rules.

All huts except one (Kuro-dake Ishimuro (hut)) have no power .

You can you all the huts in Daisetsuzan all year round but the official season is from July 1st to September 30th. Using the huts out of these dates are done at your own risk.

Hisa-go-numa Hina-goya (hut)

General rules
  • Must be quite and in your sleeping bag from 8:30 pm. ( Sometimes you will get to hut and it can be like 4pm and you will find people already sleeping and on some occasion these people will tell you not to make any noise and to be quite. But! in fact they are wrong. If they chose to go to sleep very early that is their choice but they can't expect everyone to follow suit. I for one like to relax at a hut especially after a hard day on the trail and not to be expected to just shit there and do and say nothing. The one thing I don't really like about staying the the hut up there is that when the first people start to hit their sleeping bags that is usually the sin for everyone to follow.
  • No headlamps to be used from 8:30 pm (this id a funny rule and most people do not follow it but I have had a couple of times when I was in my sleeping bag reading my book with my headlamp after 8:30 and someone had come over and told me to turn it off)
  • No shoes or boots to be worn in the huts (around the sleeping areas)
  • No smoking in the huts
  • Your personal space in the hut is meant to be the size of your sleeping mat. This space is where you do everything. sleep, cook, keep all your gear. (The rule here is if there aren't many people then you can take up more room but when the huts get crowed then you have to follow the mat rule. Some huts do have your area you can use marked out).
  • At many of the huts with toilets, you are meant to carry out your used toilet paper and not drop it down the toilet hole. This is to help the environment there. (what you do on this is your own decision)
  • Must bring your own toilet paper

Chubetsu-dake Hina0goya (hut)

 Water at the huts:

There is water at all the huts but the water is not guaranteed through out the hiking season.
Nearly all water up on the mountain comes from snow melt so if the snow is gone the water is gone. There is only one hut that is guaranteed to have water and that is Kuro-dake Ishimuro (hut) .

Kimi-Horo Hina-goya (hut)

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